no. 49
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An interactive online experience, faciliated by Gaudeamus Festival.

Premiered 18 March 2022 on the Gaudeamus Screendive website.

The primary phase of BLUSH HOUSE features exhibitions from Zygmund de Somogyi and Mrudula Kuvalekar.

If you see any strange letters or journals, please ignore them. They are a malfunction.

Play through BLUSH HOUSE here


no. 35

todestag (2021)

An online art collective came into being in early 2021, exploring the infinite void and (y)our relation to it.

Having created a survey to learn of audiences' reactions to their initial works, todestag have set themselves on a path to learn what happens when the narrative is broken.

What happens when we are forgotten?

todestag Youtube channel | todestag survey


no. 22

the house is now open (2020)

'The House Is Now Open' was an initiative created by the OSO Arts Centre London to connect sound and visual artists during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I created a series of audiovisual performance art pieces with London-based performance artist Spike Mclarrity (a.k.a Barnes White Rabbit) exploring themes of isolation and personal identity during the pandemic. The pieces were first premiered on the OSO Arts Centre YouTube channel, as well as CODA Online Festival 2020 in collaboration with Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

How do we break free?