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In April 2020, I was put in touch with performance artist Spike Mclarrity (a.k.a. Barnes White Rabbit) by the OSO Arts Centre as part of their The House Is Now Open initiative, connecting artists, musicians, and interdisciplinary performers digitally in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I created a series of audiovisual performance art pieces exploring isolation and personal identity during the pandemic, responding with semi-improvised piano material to Spike Mclarrity's durational performances.

The first of these pieces - 'Jeremy' - premiered in May 2020 on the OSO YouTube channel. Two further pieces - an audiovisual response to 'Dive' (from A MIND CRASHES INTO THE SUN), and 'SIX MEDITATIONS FROM THE HANGMAN'S MASK' - were premiered online as part of CODA Festival 2020 at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. A further piece - the durational 'All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go' - flipped the collaborative process on its head, with Spike responding visually to a selection of my piano works...

How do we break free?

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