Below is a complete list of all my works, published and unpublished, complete and in progress, numbered in reverse chronological order, written in plain text, and uncategorised.

For more detailed information, please see my webpages.

no. 45: for ariella. for flexible chorus; version for four+ SATB voices or instruments.

no. 44: hikikomori! chamber opera comm. [embargoed]. piano and SATB voices. currently in progress.

Act One: The boy in the white room -

Act Two: The boy in the black room -

Act Three: The boy inside his head -

no. 43: barcelona song. short piece for solo piano, written in Barcelona for Aitana Aviles.

no. 42: To be a bat. music for theatrical play. commissioned by Distracted Rat as part of London Horror Festival.

no. 41: EXTINCTION SUITE. suite for concert orchestra in eight movements, comm. [embargoed]. currently in progress.

no. 40: The Emoji Project. music for theatrical play. commissioned by Distracted Rat as part of Camden Fringe Festival.

no. 39: Nocturne, for cello and piano. written for Fatou Sourang and Egor Semenov.

no. 38: Portrait and a Dream. series of themtically linked pieces for mixed instrumentation.

Portrait and a Dream: Concealing -

Portrait and a Dream: Whispering -

Portrait and a Dream: Belonging -

no. 37: there's a stain on my jacket i hope never washes out:

a love letter for those scared of love letters. violin, accordion, and ronroco:  Arc Project Digital Ensembles.

no. 36: Viridian. series for guitar and ronroco duo, in collaboration with

Oli Kinsella.

Reverie -

A Quiet Howling -

Rainy Night in Budapest -

Viridian -

Wishbone -

Like Wolves We Run -

Ghosts on the Breeze -

Salmstraße -

Seasons Change But We Are Still Here -

no. 35: todestag. unfiction webseries in collaboration with the

RBC Experimental Performance Dept.

no. 34: there’s a stain on my jacket i hope never washes out: initial phase. graphic scored piece, written for Sean Clancy, premiered at CODA 2021.

no. 33: it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. miniature piece for RBC woodwind department, open instrumentation.

no. 32: Four Studies on the Subject of OMORI. for solo double bass. performed by James Banner, 2021.

no. 31: Haze (or a forest on Pluto). piano trio. written for Fidelio Trio, performed april 2021.

no. 30: Altschmerz: a salient scene reflected (String Quartet, no. 2). written for Quatuor Bozzini, performed february 2021.

no. 29: Close Your Eyes and Think About Someone You Love. for large ensemble of saxophones + percussion; to be performed by Thallein Orchestra in 2021.

no. 28: Moondancing. solo percussion: vibraphone + crotales, prem. by Nick Cowling, dec 2020.

no. 27: A Lone Lantern Flickers in Deep Space. percussion trio, composed for Tresonant Ensemble.

no. 26: Music for Planet Gazers. post-rock piece composed for ThinkTank Planetarium.

no. 25: String Quartet, No. 1: 'Satellites'. composed for string quartet in summer 2020.

Satellite I -
Satellite II -
Satellite III -
Satellite IV

no. 24: Purple Is the Colour of Sheer Noise. soprano + ensemble, performed by Thallein Ensemble july 2020.

no. 23: A MIND CRASHES INTO THE SUN. electroacoustic studio album, currently unreleased.
Dive -
beneath your dreams -
&realise -
Your Love in the shadows. -

no. 22: The House Is Now Open: untitled series with Spike Mclarrity. series of performance art pieces in collab with Spike Mclarrity, unnumbered and untitled. april-june 2020.
 Jeremy -
   Triptych -
   Dive [originally for A MIND CRASHES INTO THE SUN] -
   Six Meditations from the Hangman’s Mask:

where were you when we died yesterday? - -
Cosmic Nihilism, Refuted - -
You are buried at the bottom of my dreams - -
what passes as worship in the digital age? - -
A moment of silence at the gallows - -

    All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go -

no. 21: Lamplight. piece for flute + violin ensemble.

no. 20: Snapshots from Yugoslavia. soundtrack for Rare Earth documentary, feb/march 2020.

no. 19: evolution suite. suite for jazz quintet, 2019/2020. mvmts II and IV premiered jan 2020.
Eevee: Youth -
Jolteon: From Lightning -
Vaporeon: Ultramarine -
Flareon: Volcanism -
Espeon: Celestials -
Umbreon: Moonlit Sky -
Leafeon: Wormwood -
Glaceon: Cold Heart -
Sylveon: Homecoming -

no. 18: fragmentedmemories. improvised piano miniatures, december 2019.
nothing (n)ever feels real? -
when i get anxious i tend to isolate myself -
pink sunset -
canopy hopping -
flowers in germany -
sometimes i look at the sky so i can feel small -
we’ll meet again; in a better place; at a better time; under better circumstances -
drive home at 4am -
i have rescued myself from a life of despondency -

no. 17: The Clockwork Arms. music for theatrical play, dir. Will Jarvis, november 2019.

no. 16: .stillness. wind quintet; originally written for OSP.

no. 15: Always Believe. piano + post-rock album with Chris Hague and Will Cook, august 2019.
Dusk. -
When Day Breaks -
The Alchemist -
Pen Ponds -
Murmur -
The Doberman -
Watercolour -
Always Believe -
Juno -
The Lighthouse -

no. 14: Unopened Letters. compilation album of piano pieces composed 2015-2018.
Islington -
Snow Leopard -
North Hill Court -
The Last Train Home -
Cassiopeia -
Song for a Comedown -
Five Glasses of Prosecco -
Seance -
Unopened Letters -
Hold On to Hope -
Effervescence -
A Promise Is a Promise -
You in Gunfire (A Protester’s Hymn) -
Love Triumphs [originally for the BEE soundtrack] -
Broken Record -

no. 13: BEE soundtrack. score for short film, march 2018.

no. 12: Terminals: reworked for Technoir Live Sessions. piano and electric guitar, feb 2018.
Terminals [live] -
Laura [live] -
In Dreams [live] -
Sleeping in Airports [live] -

no. 11: Forward Motion: Four Piano Preludes. four short solo piano pieces, november 2017.
Prelude I. Autumn Breeze -
Prelude II. Winter Hearts -
Prelude III. Spring Morning -
Prelude IV. Summer Sadness -


no. 10: Terminals. studio album featuring piano and electronics, september 2017.
Sleeping in Airports -
Waves -
A Moment of Tangency -
It’s Always Midnight Somewhere -
Raindance -
Elia -
In Dreams -
Maybe I’m Lost Without You -
Laura -
Terminals -
Slovenia Sunrise -

no. 9: XENTROPY. electroacoustic, june 2017. out as mayfly warfare.

no. 8: ramblings of a cold universe. electroacoustic, april 2017. out as mayfly warfare.

no. 7: In Your Presence. solo piano EP, april 2017.
Maven -
Roses by the Window -
In Your Presence -
Avenoir -
Breathless -

no. 6: Irradiate. single as THOTH with Jake Leigh-Howarth, february/march 2017.

no. 5: Unknown Consequences. for 8 novation synthesizers.

no. 4: EP. solo piano EP, september 2016
5:37 A.M. -
A Night in Vermilion -
Pag-Asa -

no. 3: The Turbulence. EP as THOTH with Jake Leigh-Howarth, july 2016.
The Awakening -
The Omen -
The Preparation -
Pebbles By the Riverside -
The Approach -
Last Stone to be Overturned -
The Turbulence -

no. 2: A Study in Turbulence. electroacoustic, may 2016. out as Mayfly Warfare.

no. 1: Mayday Sonata. for large ensemble, jan 2015.