Below is a complete list of all my works, published and unpublished, numbered in reverse chronological order, written in plain text, and uncategorised.

For more detailed information, please see my webpages.

no. 40: The Emoji Project. music for theatrical play. commissioned by Distracted Rat as part of Camden Fringe Festival.

no. 39: Nocturne, for cello and piano. written for Fatou Sourang and Egor Semenov.

no. 38: Portrait and a Dream. series of themtically linked pieces for mixed instrumentation.

Portrait and a Dream: Concealing -

Portrait and a Dream: Whispering -

Portrait and a Dream: Belonging -

no. 37: there's a stain on my jacket i hope never washes out:

a love letter for those scared of love letters. violin, accordion, and ronroco:  Arc Project Digital Ensembles.

no. 36: Viridian. series for guitar and ronroco duo, in collaboration with

Oli Kinsella.

Reverie -

A Quiet Howling -

Rainy Night in Budapest -

Viridian -

Wishbone -

Like Wolves We Run -

Ghosts on the Breeze -

Salmstraße -

Seasons Change But We Are Still Here -

no. 35: todestag. unfiction webseries in collaboration with the

RBC Experimental Performance Dept.

no. 34: there’s a stain on my jacket i hope never washes out: initial phase. graphic scored piece, written for Sean Clancy, premiered at CODA 2021.

no. 33: it’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. miniature piece for RBC woodwind department, open instrumentation.

no. 32: Four Studies on the Subject of OMORI. for solo double bass. performed by James Banner, 2021.

no. 31: Haze (or a forest on Pluto). piano trio. written for Fidelio Trio, performed april 2021.

no. 30: Altschmerz: a salient scene reflected (String Quartet, no. 2). written for Quatuor Bozzini, performed february 2021.

no. 29: Close Your Eyes and Think About Someone You Love. for large ensemble of saxophones + percussion; to be performed by Thallein Orchestra in 2021.

no. 28: Moondancing. solo percussion: vibraphone + crotales, prem. by Nick Cowling, dec 2020.

no. 27: A Lone Lantern Flickers in Deep Space. percussion trio, composed for Tresonant Ensemble.

no. 26: Music for Planet Gazers. post-rock piece composed for ThinkTank Planetarium.

no. 25: String Quartet, No. 1: 'Satellites'. composed for string quartet in summer 2020.

Satellite I -
Satellite II -
Satellite III -
Satellite IV

no. 24: Purple Is the Colour of Sheer Noise. soprano + ensemble, performed by Thallein Ensemble july 2020.

no. 23: A MIND CRASHES INTO THE SUN. electroacoustic studio album, currently unreleased.
Dive -
beneath your dreams -
&realise -
Your Love in the shadows. -

no. 22: The House Is Now Open: untitled series with Spike Mclarrity. series of performance art pieces in collab with Spike Mclarrity, unnumbered and untitled. april-june 2020.
 Jeremy -
   Triptych -
   Dive [originally for A MIND CRASHES INTO THE SUN] -
   Six Meditations from the Hangman’s Mask:

where were you when we died yesterday? - -
Cosmic Nihilism, Refuted - -
You are buried at the bottom of my dreams - -
what passes as worship in the digital age? - -
A moment of silence at the gallows - -

    All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go -

no. 21: Lamplight. piece for flute + violin ensemble.

no. 20: Snapshots from Yugoslavia. soundtrack for Rare Earth documentary, feb/march 2020.

no. 19: evolution suite. suite for jazz quintet, 2019/2020. mvmts II and IV premiered jan 2020.
Eevee: Youth -
Jolteon: From Lightning -
Vaporeon: Ultramarine -
Flareon: Volcanism -
Espeon: Celestials -
Umbreon: Moonlit Sky -
Leafeon: Wormwood -
Glaceon: Cold Heart -
Sylveon: Homecoming -

no. 18: fragmentedmemories. improvised piano miniatures, december 2019.
nothing (n)ever feels real? -
when i get anxious i tend to isolate myself -
pink sunset -
canopy hopping -
flowers in germany -
sometimes i look at the sky so i can feel small -
we’ll meet again; in a better place; at a better time; under better circumstances -
drive home at 4am -
i have rescued myself from a life of despondency -

no. 17: The Clockwork Arms. music for theatrical play, dir. Will Jarvis, november 2019.

no. 16: .stillness. wind quintet; originally written for OSP.

no. 15: Always Believe. piano + post-rock album with Chris Hague and Will Cook, august 2019.
Dusk. -
When Day Breaks -
The Alchemist -
Pen Ponds -
Murmur -
The Doberman -
Watercolour -
Always Believe -
Juno -
The Lighthouse -

no. 14: Unopened Letters. compilation album of piano pieces composed 2015-2018.
Islington -
Snow Leopard -
North Hill Court -
The Last Train Home -
Cassiopeia -
Song for a Comedown -
Five Glasses of Prosecco -
Seance -
Unopened Letters -
Hold On to Hope -
Effervescence -
A Promise Is a Promise -
You in Gunfire (A Protester’s Hymn) -
Love Triumphs [originally for the BEE soundtrack] -
Broken Record -

no. 13: BEE soundtrack. score for short film, march 2018.

no. 12: Terminals: reworked for Technoir Live Sessions. piano and electric guitar, feb 2018.
Terminals [live] -
Laura [live] -
In Dreams [live] -
Sleeping in Airports [live] -

no. 11: Forward Motion: Four Piano Preludes. four short solo piano pieces, november 2017.
Prelude I. Autumn Breeze -
Prelude II. Winter Hearts -
Prelude III. Spring Morning -
Prelude IV. Summer Sadness -


no. 10: Terminals. studio album featuring piano and electronics, september 2017.
Sleeping in Airports -
Waves -
A Moment of Tangency -
It’s Always Midnight Somewhere -
Raindance -
Elia -
In Dreams -
Maybe I’m Lost Without You -
Laura -
Terminals -
Slovenia Sunrise -

no. 9: XENTROPY. electroacoustic, june 2017. out as mayfly warfare.

no. 8: ramblings of a cold universe. electroacoustic, april 2017. out as mayfly warfare.

no. 7: In Your Presence. solo piano EP, april 2017.
Maven -
Roses by the Window -
In Your Presence -
Avenoir -
Breathless -

no. 6: Irradiate. single as THOTH with Jake Leigh-Howarth, february/march 2017.

no. 5: Unknown Consequences. for 8 novation synthesizers.

no. 4: EP. solo piano EP, september 2016
5:37 A.M. -
A Night in Vermilion -
Pag-Asa -

no. 3: The Turbulence. EP as THOTH with Jake Leigh-Howarth, july 2016.
The Awakening -
The Omen -
The Preparation -
Pebbles By the Riverside -
The Approach -
Last Stone to be Overturned -
The Turbulence -

no. 2: A Study in Turbulence. electroacoustic, may 2016. out as Mayfly Warfare.

no. 1: Mayday Sonata. for large ensemble, jan 2015.