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An online art collective came into being in early 2021, exploring the infinite void and (y)our relation to it.

Having created a survey to learn of audiences' reactions to their initial works, todestag have set themselves on a path to learn what happens when the narrative is broken.

What happens when we are forgotten?

todestag was an exploration into the realisation of performance art as unfiction, as part of my Interdisciplinary thesis at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

todestag was a collaboration between myself and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's Experimental Performance Department, mentored by Paul Norman and featuring performances from James McIlwrath, Tanna Chamberlain, Ivy Jlassi, and Riadh Lastname.

In creating a realisation of performance art as unfiction, I tried to remove theatrical elements from unfiction (to varying degrees of success), including: using writing prompts, creating text scores and performance notation, and creating multiple layers of narrative reality in which collaborative discussions became part of the performative process.

Please get in touch for a copy of my thesis on todestag.

View the full playlist for todestag: chapter one

View the initial survey for todestag

View the todestag YouTube channel

Zygmund de Somogyi
James McIlwrath
Ivy Jlassi
Tanna Chamberlain
Riadh Lastname

Interested in collaborating? Get in touch!

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