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An interactive installation

A collective archive

A place to create

A “play-space”

The Memory Tree is the world in which many of Mushmoss Collective's immersive theatre shows take place.

The Memory Tree is a continuously-evolving immersive archive, installation, and collaborative space, framing the creative world of Mushmoss Collective’s multi-disciplinary, interactive theatre.


Built out of audiences’ responses and shared storytelling, the Memory Tree collects and presents a queered archive of You. You can play, create, respond, and contribute your own games, interactions, memories, thoughts, and wishes. Your responses inform the performances that take place, imprinting on and changing the experiences of adventurers to come. 

“An archive is a collection of records

A record is a memory You've made

A memory of You

A collective mosaic of You

(the mushroom soul soop)

~ariella como stoian

Shows taking place within the Memory Tree include:

you wake up / octopus

19-20 May 2023 - SHIFT+SPACE, Theat
re Deli

14-16 July 2023 - The Space Theatre, London
More info + tickets


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