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pagevampire: this house explores loneliness as ephemera

The phenomenon known as PAGEVAMPIRE consists of three handwritten sketches, initially composed for Alkis Nicolaides:


The phenomenon known as PAGEVAMPIRE is written for two electric guitars: one in a normal, upright position, and one laid out on a table in front of the performer. The guitar on the table is tuned a quarter-tone down from the guitar in upright position.

The phenomenon known as PAGEVAMPIRE seeks to bring the experience of watching online cryptic videos - particularly those from unfiction projects or analog-horror media - into a contemporary music context.

The phenomenon PAGEVAMPIRE is defined as one of the following*, depending on the context:

PAGEVAMPIRE: hushed tones and glistening lights of a city you’ll never feel part of.

PAGEVAMPIRE: the sensory deprivation, the cosmic nothing that lies between fitting in and isolation.

PAGEVAMPIRE: a pitch so high in frequency, so obscured by memory, that it’s almost like it’s with you, comforting.

PAGEVAMPIRE: i am afraid i am not in the office right now because of a chord i can never forget.

PAGEVAMPIRE: somewhere on a long, sequestered drive from your copenhagen apartment to here.

PAGEVAMPIRE: “white ferrari” by frank ocean, on repeat, nightly, for three weeks straight.

PAGEVAMPIRE: the expectation that one must move on when every face on every dimly lit london street corner of every performance piece reminds me of you.

PAGEVAMPIRE: this house explores loneliness as ephemera.


*tomorrow, a plane crashes. the next day, a mind sinks into a void. today, we see for what it really is.







'PAGEVAMPIRE: this house explores loneliness as ephemera' was written for and premiered by Alkis Nicolaides in Nicosia, Cyprus, as part of Contemporary Music Lab 2022, alongside works by Alsu Nigmatullina, Jakob Elkin, Daniel Carpenter, Ege Sayar, Roxani Chatzidimitriou, and Iakovos Maimaris.

Electric guitars -
Alkis Nicolaides

World premiere 7 May 2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Interested in performing this work or perusing a score? Get in touch!

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