no. 45

for ariella

for ariella (2021)

for four or more voices or instruments

Before the final showing of 'To be a bat''s three-night run at London Horror Festival - as I was setting up in the tech box at The Space Theatre - I suddenly remember hearing the mystical sound of a collective hum, as part of a vocal warmup from the actors led by directors Susie MacDonald and ariella como stoian.

for ariella is a piece about connectivity, empathy, and fostering a shared sense of community, through a piece built around a loose transcription of this theatre vocal warmup.

With no breath marks and minimal dynamics, articulation, and scoring outside of the notes themselves and a few directions, the ensemble are made to feel the connectivity between each other as they feel their way through the piece.

Dedicated to ariella como stoian - a wonderful collaborator and friend - and the wonderful folks who I've worked with at Distracted Rat (Susie MacDonald, Will Jarvis, James Ireland, Jalice Corral et al.)

Download the score for for ariella here.

The actors hum.

Harmony. Dissonance.

~ excerpt from The Emoji Project, au. ariella como stoian.