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You know how sometimes you’re lying in bed and suddenly you’re haunted by the phantoms of every single mistake you’ve ever made?

with love, from your ghost's ghosts is a multimedia work featuring flute, bassoon, and piano alongside recorder samples, electronics, visuals, and AI-generated text.

Inspired by a sleepless night fending off the incessant voices in my head, with love... utilises multimedia performances from manifestations of your sleep paralysis demons to explore  individual and collective fear, guilt, existential crisis, and recovery, combining absurdist humour with emotive sincerity, AI generation with the humanness of performativity...

But hey, tomorrow’s another day, right? So while you’re here, we might as well enjoy ourselves…


Do you want to play a game?

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'with love, from your ghost's ghosts' was commissioned by Arc Project, and developed in collaboration with Lizzie Knatt, Bertie Bone, and Lydia Walquist.
The piece premieres on 25th February 2023 at the Unitarian Chapel, Yor
k, at the Arc Project's ReLaunch concert.

Flute -
Lydia Walquist
Bassoon - Bertie Bone
Piano - Zygmund de Somogyi

Recorders, electronics (virtual) - Lizzie Knatt

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Interested in performing this work or perusing a score? Get in touch!

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