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A piano trio in four movements:

Piano Trio, No. 2: Starsystems was written in winter of 2021-22. Inspired by old sci-fi shows and novels, as well as online cosmic horror stories such as SCP-3200, the trio's four movements depict both a journey into the far reaches of the universe, and a journey into the innermost depths of our psyche - traversing a variety of styles, forms, and musical languages...


<Begin Log, ██:██, ██/██/████>

Days since launch: zero. We’re off.

I’m not sure where, but… here we are.

Ready to explore whatever this cosmos has in store for us.

Most of us are coping well. ████ seems to be a bit dazed, but for the most part we’re in good spirits.

It shouldn’t be too long until our first destination.

We’ve picked our four objectives in a way that allows us to avoid staying in those cryosleep chambers for too long.

We’ll update you with our findings. See you at our first starsystem.

Signing off.

<End Log, ██:██>

Alpha Centauri

Gliese 412


Eta Carinae





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'Piano Trio, No. 2: Starsystems' was written for the Semenov Piano Trio (Egor Semenov, Vasco Canastra, Camila Valerio).
The piece was scheduled to premiere in April 2022, but was unfortunately cancelled due to health reasons.

Starsystems, II. Gliese 412 [v3].png

Interested in performing this work or perusing a score? Get in touch!

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