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to Nikolas, Natali, Milla, and Kena


The refractions we used to know is an ode to the fleeting connections we make when travelling: the connections where 72 hours make you feel like you've known someone for years; the connections where distance and geography are secondary to shared hearts; the connections where, even just for a moment, you can feel like a constellation of soulmates, until the dawn rises and you separate, a kinship chased away in the anti-excess of normal life.

The refractions we used to know was conceived in a nightclub in Athens, and shaped by the experience of nostalgic, momentary connection...

'The refractions of what we know' is scored for percussion quintet featuring the following instruments:

Percussion I:
crotales I, timpani (1), vibraphone
Percussion II: crotales II, temple blocks (3)
Percussion III: tam-tam, tom-toms (2)
Percussion IV: marimba, bass drum, cymbal
Percussion V: glockenspiel, dobachis (4)

'The refractions we used to know' was written for Taverna Maderna's
Composing Nature masterclass 2022 in Lavarone, Italy, and was workshopped and premiered in September 2022 by Art Percussion Ensemble under the mentorship of Giovanni Bonato, alongside works by Dario Michelon, Giordano De Nisi, Bonnie Zheng, Antonino Abate, Daniele Di Virgilio, Jeremy Rosenstock, and Molly Arnuk.


Percussion I:
Pietro Squarzon
Percussion II: Igor Tiozzo
Percussion III: Alberto Radossi
Percussion IV: Alessandro Cozza
Percussion V: Andrea Zamengo

Conductor: Massimo Pastore


The 2022 cohort of Taverna Maderna's Composing Nature masterclass, with composition tutor Giovanni Bonato.

Interested in performing this work or perusing a score? Get in touch!

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