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portrait and a dream

A set of unfinished ideas for solo piano, put together into an ever-evolving suite.

Some of the ideas are “about” things, some of them aren’t. Some of these are put together into the same piece. Maybe they’ll be about something then. The only commonality they have is that they’re all named after the
Jackson Pollock painting of the same title (1953).


They’re not perfect, but that’s the beauty behind them. Eternally unpolished celebrations of imperfect ideas, imperfect processes.

‘Portrait and a Dream’ currently consists of the following:

- Portrait and a Dream: I.
- Portrait and a Dream: II. Concealing
- Portrait and a Dream: III. Burying

I also composed a companion piece for symphony orchestra — ‘Portrait and a Dream: Belonging’ — though whether it has any relation to these above pieces, I’m not sure. That’s the nature of making something imperfect, I think.

'Portrait and a Dream: II. Concealing' was written as part of May Chi's Postgraduate Showcase, for CODA Festival 2021, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The piece was performed by Fatou Sourang in June 2021.
Piano - Fatou Sourang

Premiered at CODA Festival on 14 June 2021.

'Portrait and a Dream: I. Unraveling' was commissioned by Audrey Wu, to premiere in summer 2024 as part of their LiveWire project.

'Portrait and a Dream: Belonging' was written for the Orchestra of Opera North's Minute Masterpieces series in 2021.

Interested in performing one of these works or perusing a score? Get in touch!

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