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Moi’s brother Jo is dead and it’s probably all Moi’s fault. In the aftermath, the dregs of their family drift into the uncanny; imagination overtaking reality. Ingrid spends all her time putting up posters of iconic rock stars; curating a teenage room that will never be. Fernando creates a virtual model of Jo, who slips loose of his digital bounds, roaming the real world. Moi meets sometimes-wolf Luna in the cemetery behind their house. Together the new friends embark on a drug-fuelled adventure to hunt the ghosts of the ones they’ve lost, and maybe, possibly, become who they want to be.  

To be a bat is a new play by ariella como stoian that explores an un-reality of magical, corrosive grief, and a queer coming of age fractured by loss.

To be a bat premiered October 29-31 at The Space, London, as part of London Horror Festival 2021.

“One creature can have no idea what the conscious experience of another creature, eg a bat, is like. By extension, the play seems to be saying, no human really knows what it’s like to be another human.”

~Rachel Kent (The Reviews Hub)

Cast and performers:

Moi -
Lisa Maeda
Luna - Ella Faye Donley
Ingrid - Jennifer Oliver
Ferd - Aaron Lynn
Ava - Kathryn Djemai

Writer - ariella como stoian
Director - Susie MacDonald
Assistant director - James Ireland
Co-Producer - Nicole Goodchild 
Music - Zygmund de Somogyi

Photography - Lidia Crisafulli

Premiere at The Space Theatre as part of London Horror Festival, 29-31 October 2021.

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