"A spirited, double-speed punk sound that just really makes me miss live shows"

- Alex Baker, Kerrang!    

"A delightfully punky listen"

- Edward Layland, Already Heard    

"Executed brilliantly, energizing the listener with their vitriol"

- Mike Reitemeier, New Fury Media    



Photo: Louis Flynn

High Visions are a punk rock // skate punk trio based in Leeds, that I've had the pleasure of being part of for the past six years. Combining pop-punk catchiness and melodies with the ferocity of melodic hardcore and the speed of skate punk, High Visions have released three EPs since 2017 - our most recent release being our single 'Serenity Gone', released by INiiT Records on 3rd September 2021 - and toured extensively around the UK, as well as mainland Europe.

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a first date with imposter syndrome (2020)

"Flawless…a must for fans of punk and post-hardcore"

- Sam HB, Love It To Death Reviews    

"Balancing the competing elements of hard edged pop punk and melodic hardcore perfectly"

- AJ Phink, The Punksite   

High Visions - A First Date With Imposte


passerby (2018)

"A delightfully punky listen"

- Edward Layland, Already Heard    

"Cohesive, unique and intricate"

- Aly Gerdes, Pit Party Media   

passerby cover.jpg


waving the white flag (2017)

"So insanely catchy that it stays with you"

- Jessica Morgan, Post Punk Press