snapshots from yugoslavia (2020)

In Jan-Feb of 2020, I had the privilege of working with Evan Hadfield on a series for his YouTube channel, Rare Earth, composing music for his five-part documentary on the history of Bosnia and the former states of Yugoslavia.

The documentary is available to watch in full below, or the five parts can be viewed separately here.


mood board living (2020)

Three pieces from my debut studio album Terminals were used in the soundtrack to Distracted Rat Productions' short film, Mood Board Living, directed by 

Catriona Davidson and starring Vas Passaris.


thinktank planetarium (2019)

Pieces from my album fragmentedmemories are used in displays by

ThinkTank Planetarium, Birmingham, as well as Digistar planetaria across the UK.

Find out more about ThinkTank Planetarium here.


the clockwork arms (2019)

In 2019, I worked with writer and director Will Jarvis on his newest independent play, The Clockwork Arms. The play was premiered at OSO Arts Centre, London in November 2019 to local critical acclaim.


bee (2018)

I worked with director Emily Hagan in 2017-2018 on her short film bee, a romance-drama set in Manchester. The film was first screened in Manchester in July 2018, and has had subsequent screenings in Liverpool, Manchester, and Berlin.

The film won the Director's Choice Award from Indie Flicks and was streamed by in April 2020.