Moondancing. Piece for solo percussion, performed by

RBC Percussion Department. Premiered December. Watch

• Purple is the Colour of Sheer Noise. Miniature for soprano and ensemble,

performed by virtual Thallein Ensemble. Released October. Watch

• A First Date With Imposter Syndrome. EP by High Visions.

Released June. Listen

• The House is Now Open. Series of collaborations with performance artist Spike Mclarrity, in conjunction with Barnes OSO Arts Centre. Watch

• When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me in the Trash. Single by High Visions.

Released March. Watch - Listen

• Snapshots from Yugoslavia. Documentary, in collaboration with

Evan Hadfield/Rare Earth. Released February. Watch

Checkpoint Charlie. Single by High Visions, released January. Watch - Listen

Evolution Suite. Nine-movement jazz suite for quintet.

First performed BNM 2020, January.

Footage and scores available on request.


• Pieces for Thinktank Planetarium, Birmingham.

First performed December.

fragmentedmemories. Mini-album, released December. Listen

The Clockwork Arms. Theatrical play, dir. Will Jarvis. 

Performed November. Trailer 

Always Believe. Album, released August. Listen 

Watercolour. Single, released August. Watch - Listen 

Speakeasy. Single by High Visions, released May. Listen


The Christmas Song. Single, released December. Listen

Passerby. EP by High Visions, released August. Listen

• Unopened Letters. Album, released July. Listen

Society. Animation, dir. Carys Reid-Davies. Released July. Watch

• The Last Train Home. Single, released June.

Grave Mistake. Single by High Visions, released May.

bee. Short film, dir. Emily Hagan. Screened March. Trailer

• Terminals: Technoir Live Sessions. Produced by Will Cook, filmed by Technoir. Released February. Watch - Listen


Forward Motion: Four Piano Preludes. EP, released November. Listen

• Terminals. Album, released September. Listen

• Mereka. Short film, dir. Fauzan Aviantoro. Screened August.

Maybe I'm Lost Without You. Single, released August.

XENTROPY. Microtonal composition. Released June. Listen

• In Your Presence. EP, released April. Listen

• Waving the White Flag. EP by High Visions, released March. Listen

Irradiate. Single, collaboration with Jake Leigh-Howarth.

Released February. Listen

Unknown Consequences. Conceptual composition. Performed January. Score available on request.

[IN]CUBUS. Short film, dir. Fauzan Aviantoro. Screened January. Watch


Amy. Single by High Visions, released November.

EP. EP, released September. Listen

The Turbulence. Album, collaboration with Jake Leigh-Howarth. Released July. Listen

A Study in Turbulence. Academic composition. Performed May.

Note: this discography only contains publicly released, credited works. Works that are unreleased, uncredited, taken down/released prior to April 2016 or requested otherwise have been omitted from the discography.

© 2017-2021 Zygmund de Somogyi. Photos by Nathan Robinson and Megan Arnold.

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