ensemble / chamber

purple is the colour of sheer noise  [2020]


written for Virtual Thallein Ensemble

soprano // mandolin // vibraphone // tenor saxophone // bass trombone // cello

performed online by Chloe Gadd, Chris Roberts,

Alicia Hillman, Tom Pilsbury, Lucy Samuels

text by Zygmund de Somogyi

Link pending

evolution suite [2019]


nine-movement suite for jazz quintet

piano // alto sax // cello // bass guitar // drums

mvmts. II + IV premiered at Birmingham New Music, February 2020.


lamplight [2019]


for small ensemble

flute // piano // violin // viola // cello

premiere postponed due to COVID-19

Score available on request [CONTACT]

unknown consequences [2017]


electronic piece for 8 Novation Bassstation II synthesizers

workshopped by Leeds Student Synth Ensemble

Graphic/textual score // compositional plan available on request [CONTACT]



XENTROPY  [2017]


electroacoustic piece composed using Scala and Logic Pro X

written in 12ET, 24ET, 19ET and 31ET


ramblings of a cold universe [2017]


composed using Scala and voice generation

text: 'in event of moon disaster' by Bill Safire. Read


a study in turbulence [2016]


composed using Adobe Audition and Logic Pro X


© 2017-2020 Zygmund de Somogyi. Photos by Nathan Robinson and Megan Arnold.

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