no. 23


My fourth full-length studio album, recorded between March and April of 2020 in the height of the first COVID-19 lockdown.

Released December 2021.

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no. 15

always believe (2019)

"A cathartic listen from start to finish"

- Sam HB, Love It To Death Reviews    

My third studio album, produced by Will Cook.

Recorded at The Penthouse, Leeds. Released August 2019.

Featuring performances from Chris Hague, Will Cook, Alex Fell and Zygmund de Somogyi.

always believe.jpg


no. 18

fragmentedmemories (2019)

Solo piano mini-album, self-released, November 2019.

A series of 9 short piano improvisations composed

in a practice space at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

fragmentedmemories cover.jpg


unopened letters (2018)

no. 14

My second studio album, self-released, July 2018.

A compilation of fifteen solo piano pieces composed over the course of 2014-2018.

Recorded at my studio in London.

unopened letters tab.jpg


forward motion EP (2017)

no. 11

EP, self-released November 2017.

Four piano preludes, recorded at my studio in London.

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no. 10

terminals (2017)

"An extraordinary experience that really grips the attention of listeners"

- Jessica Morgan, Post Punk Press    

My debut studio album, recorded at my studio in London.

Featuring piano and electronics (+ guitar on track 9).

Featuring performances by Zygmund de Somogyi, and Toby O'Connell (track 9).

terminals cover 1.jpg


EP (2016)

no. 4

My debut piano EP, recorded during my undergraduate degree at Leeds University.

Recorded by Alex Mas at Leeds College of Music, 2016.


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